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**Now offering half day, transition as well as full day Kindergarten programs**

Year round programs available for all grades.


Our program for preschool and kindergarten is a proven and successful combination of traditional and new teaching methodologies. Our course of study includes reading, mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, aesthetics, music, art and physical education.

The Academy of Early Learning provides a warm and supportive academic-based preschool program designed to address each child's developmental stage in a comfortable, small group setting. Growth of the whole child - emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically - is paramount. We believe that encouraging each child's natural sense of curiosity and wonder helps to create the building blocks necessary for lifelong learning success.

Areas of study are designed around monthly themes and include reading and math readiness, beginning science, social studies, language arts, physical education as well as music, art and drama. Children participate in group discussions and especially enjoy Show n' Tell, circle time activities with their friends, visits to the library and Children's Museum, special guests and more! Daily walks, storytime and hands-on play further stimulate each child's imagination, thinking and fine-motor skills.

Emphasis in our kindergarten continues to be placed on the whole child and his or her academic and emotional development. Our teachers and curriculum provide experiences that engage and motivate the hands, minds and imaginations of our students. Each subject area had broad learning goals that provide a continuum in which students build upon their understanding of larger concepts, further develop their skills and talents, and practically apply their knowledge. One-on-one attention to the individual learning needs of the child is a hallmark of our program.

Kindergarten courses include reading and math skills, introductory science and social studies, language arts, penmanship, spelling, sentence structure, music, art, physical education, as well as an introduction to creative writing, in a structured and highly supportive environment. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that each child has the academic and social foundation necessary for a happy and successful transition into early elementary grades. Field trips and guest speakers enrich the program and provide real-life context for our student's studies.

First Grade
Our first grade builds on skills learned in our kindergarten program, and features a center-based approach for a multi-leveled and hands-on application of skills for a deeper understanding of concepts.Individualized reading instruction allows students to comfortably work at their own pace and progress with confidence. Our curriculum is organized around state standards in math, literacy, science and social studies. We're proud to say that we often hear from parents and area elementary teachers that our kindergarten and elementary graduates are some of the best prepared for the transition into higher grades!

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